How to Fix PowerPivot Gallery Thumbnails (not generating)

I ran into some problems getting thumbnails to generate in a SharePoint PowerPivot gallery for my uploaded workbooks recently. I’ve had problems in the past with the thumbnails failing and getting a big nasty red x in their place, however this time I wasn’t even getting that…instead I was just getting the standard blue icon for the workbook as seen below.


From previous research I knew that “GetSnapshot.exe” was probably not getting kicked off at all, and eventually found my way to the following settings inside of SharePoint:

1. Navigate to “Site Actions à Site Settings”. In here you want to look for the “Site Collection Administration” heading and then click on “Site Collection Features” underneath it.

2. If you’re not at the top level site all you’ll see is “Go to top level site settings” under “Site Collection Administrator”…just follow the link and then look again.

3. If the “PowerPivot Feature Integration for Site Collections” feature isn’t shown as active, there’s a good chance that enabling it is going to solve your thumbnail woes….so “make it so” by clicking on the activate button.

Remember that you need to modify, or re-upload a PowerPivot workbook to your gallery in order to kick off GetSnapshot.exe. It usually takes a bit to make the thumbnails, but after a minute or so you hopefully see either this


Or even better some nice thumbnails of your workbook like this


Now that’s some good looking eye candy. Hope this helps.