1 Year Anniversary Summary

Well, my blog is officially 1 year old! I had originally set a goal of posting 2 walkthroughs a month for one year. Honestly I thought that was kind of lofty, but for the most part I pulled it off. While a few months only had 1 post, I far surpassed my goal by posting 35 times (this being my 36th). Even more amazing to me, people are actually reading it….(or at least arriving at my page 0_o )

Anyway I thought I’d share some stats related to the site. The site is hooked up to Google Analytics for stat tracking, as well as Google Ad Sense. Thus far the site has 9,128 page views and I’ve made a grand total of $5.15! ……So, maybe I shouldn’t quit my day job just yet. Overall though, I’d consider this little experiment a success considering I write about nerdy stuff that nobody other than people who work in IT would ever read. Most of the topics have been pretty basic as it’s just way easier (and more importantly takes less time) to do easy stuff. Hopefully in the coming year I’ll make the time to do a few posts related more to Business Intelligence. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and getting your learn on.

Note in the stats below that it took a good 6 months to get the content built up. It’s pretty safe to say that the amount of hits I’ll get over the next year will be way higher than this years.