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Tavis Lovell - Technical Resume (updated March 2016)



I strive to help you make better decisions about your business by unlocking the potential of your data. Specializing in Business Intelligence on the Microsoft stack utilizing SharePoint, SQL Server and related technologies.



Web Development: ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, jQuery
Languages: T-SQL, MDX, C#.NET
Database Systems: SQL Server 2000-2012, Analysis Services(SSAS), Access, OLTP/OLAP Design
Reporting/Dash Boarding Reporting Services (SSRS), PerformancePoint, PowerPivot, Excel Services
ETL Integration Services (SSIS)
Tools and Utilities: MS Visual Studio 05-08, BIDS
Miscellaneous: Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro


  Rackspace Hosting

November 2012 – March 2016

 Sr. BI / SharePoint Consultant

Technologies: SQL Server (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), SharePoint, MS Office

  • BI consulting and development work for 20+ clients as a member of the SharePoint services “Business Solutions” team.
  • Assisted with sales calls as resident SharePoint BI SME, including live demonstrations and general overviews of SharePoint/SQL Server BI capabilities to perspective customers.
  • Assisted with internal reporting needs surrounding DEX and SharePoint.
  • Instructed monthly online Reporting Services class for 2.5+ years with an average NPS rating of 9.2
  • Contributor and occasional presenter on the weekly live Google Hangout: "SharePoint Power Hour"
 Ascendum Solutions

March 2009 – November 2012

 Sr. Practice Consultant

Technical College

Technologies: SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint, SQL Server 2k8 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)

  • Created views against an existing data repository to organize data into functional areas.
  • Constructed SSAS cube with custom named sets, calculated members and perspectives .
  • Implemented real time cube updates using Proactive Caching for time sensitive areas.
  • Implemented role base security in the cube for different campus’s using Kerberos and allowed/denied sets.
  • Created web based reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SP Integrated) and SharePoint PerformancePoint Services

Surgical Research Company

Technologies: SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint, SQL Server 2k8 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)

  • Designed Star Schema for reporting database, wrote ETL packages (SSIS) to load existing data.
  • Re-engineered the current reports existing in Cognos using Reporting Services.  Making full use of Reporting Services Flexibility with charting “Actions” and parameters, I was able to reduce their total report count from 30 down to 5 while maintaining the same functionality.

Concrete/Construction Company

Technologies: SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint, SQL Server 2k8 (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS)

  • Gathered requirements for a set of dashboards for their internal Leadership Team.  Dashboards focused on the areas of “Safety”, “Finance”, “Operations”, and “Productivity”.
  • Designed and implemented a Star Schema consisting of 6 Dimensions and 2 Facts.  Wrote all Integration Services packages for importing data.
  • Designed and implemented an Analysis Services cube.
  • Developed 4 dashboards containing a mixture of PerformancePoint Analytic Charts, Score Cards, filters and Reporting Services reports.

Nationally Accredited Private University

Technologies: SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint, SQL Server 2k8 (SSRS, SSAS)

  • Configured PerformancePoint, Excel Services, and Reporting Services in their new SharePoint 2010 Production and Development environments.
  • Developed multiple dashboards for an internal SharePoint site targeted at the university’s board of directors.   Dashboards were focused on the areas of “Finance”, “Student”, “Faculty and Staff”, and “Course” data.  Dashboards included multiple KPI’s, Scorecards, Analytics Charts, Excel Services reports, Reporting Services Reports, and Custom MDX queries using their internal “iStrategy” Cube.

Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Technologies: SQL Server 2k8 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), ASP.NET 3.5(C#), Silverlight, SharePoint.

  • Lead Data Architect of OLTP Model for a custom composite solution commissioned by the client to import, analyze and manipulate customer survey data. The goal of the system was conforming survey data to the clients Innovation Management Methodology, in order to facilitate ideation of product/process improvements. Tavis was responsible for all DB design, ETL (SSIS) and T-SQL development for the application.
  • Lead Data Architect of Data Warehouse Star Schema (OLAP) model. The client had a need for in depth ad-hoc analysis of survey data across multiple Dimensions. Tavis was responsible for all design, ETL, and Analysis Services Cube development. Cubes where presented to the end user via Microsoft Performance Point Server exposed to the user via Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Developed the occasional Silverlight component and/or SharePoint Web Part to facilitate the clients workflow process needs.

National Grocer

Technologies: SharePoint, JavaScript, J-Query, C#, LDAP, SQL Server, Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS)

  • Designed solution and was lead developer for a suite of roughly 25 reports that pulled data from multiple lists in 14 different SharePoint Web Applications.  SSIS was used to extract SharePoint data into a custom data mart.  SSRS reports were then developed against the data mart to achieve consolidated reporting across the 14 Web Applications.
  • Performance tuned an existing ticketing system used by the client for issue escalation. The ticketing system was built using SharePoint forms, lists, and workflows. Refactored forms with load times of 10-20 seconds down to 0-2 seconds by replacing existing JavaScript in the SharePoint forms with J-Query. Also optimized SharePoint web service calls by normalizing list data were appropriate.
  • Developed custom web service that enabled the client to query Active Directory from within a SharePoint list form. This allowed the client to perform customized script actions for users within the page, tailored to their specific Active Directory groups.
  • Developed custom SharePoint web parts for the customer that allowed them to show each logged in user, only the surveys they had access to within a SharePoint site collection, and which of those surveys they had created.


 PBM Plus

April 2008 – March 2009

 I.T. Developer

Rx Benefits Management

Technologies: SQL Server 2k5 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), ASP.NET 3.5(C#).

  • Custom Development based on business needs, including a small/med data warehouse, a suite of reports, an administration portal for the warehouse, and an online repository for tracking license information for all company PC's and Software.



February 2005 – March 2008

 Solutions Developer – B.I. Group

Utility Company

Technologies: Oracle, Lodestar, PL-SQL, XML

  • Functioned as a technical representative for the business to help facilitate understanding between the client and a 3rd party vendor. The business had recently purchased an application to be a central repository for all energy usage data (electric and gas) and was having difficulty working with the vendor to implement different needs around security and testing of the application.
  • Filled the communication gap that existed between the two parties.

Utility Company

Technologies: SQL Server 2000, DTS, SSRS

  • Lead database programmer for an online Project Cost Management System expected to handle 7.5 Billion in construction costs over a 7 – 10 year period.
  • Responsible for writing SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures to control data flow for all areas of the application including Estimate Imports, Budget Adjustment (At Division of Work, Work Breakdown Structure, and Work Package levels), Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Forecasting, Change Controls, Field Work Authorizations, and reconciliation against Actual amounts paid.
  • Constructed multiple SQL Server 2000 DTS Packages used to import/update data in the application via scheduled run times or manual user interaction.
  • Wrote several parameter driven reports in SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services in order to provide metrics against various functional areas of the applications data.

Insurance Company

Technologies: SQL Server 2005, SSRS

  • Assisted with report enhancements and optimization for a suite of reports based around insurance premiums and claims. All reports used SQL Server 2005 stored procedures called by SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.

Utility Company

Technologies: Word, Visio

  • Gathered business and technical requirements for a Construction Cost Management System designed to handle $7.5 Billion in new construction projects over a 7 – 10 year period in order to comply with environmental standards.
  • The system provides a consistent method for cost analysts to manage and track forecasted and actual budgets, manage and track costs, and capture contractor payments.
  • The business requirements used Feature Sets to define the system requirements at the highest-level, i.e. each feature set defined a major group of related features that were needed in the solution, with function specific features under each Feature Set.
  • The technical requirements included wire frames for each screen in the system including on-screen data fields, and screen functionality.

Utility Company

Technologies: Oracle/OWB

  • Assisted the Configuration Management Team by deploying database and OWB objects across Development, UAT, and Production environments.

LUCRUM Internal Project - CDSN

Technologies: SQL Server 2000, DTS, SSRS

  • Helped gather requirements for, and implement internal processes surrounding variable capacity resources, resource utilization, opportunity management, and both employee and subcontractor on-boarding/orientation
  • Created custom reports on Resource Utilization, Opportunity Management, and Project Gross Margin for Senior Management using MS Access 03 tied to MS SQL Server 2k through ODBC.
  • Gathered Requirements for Data Warehouse using Kimball Methodology to construct Fact/Dimension Star-Schema for a data warehouse.
  • Assisted with warehouse ETL using MS SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
  • Wrote parameter driven reports with drill down functionality off of warehouse views using MS Reporting Services 2005.


 Allied Access Inc.

2000 – 2005

 ISP Tech

Internet Service Provider

Technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL

  • Worked extensively over the phone with customers trouble shooting various computer related problems. Issues included connectivity issues, web site deployment, and hardware compatibility issues.
  • Assisted with web design efforts utilizing PHP and MySQL



Bachelor of Science - Management Information Systems

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale



Microsoft Certified IT Professional

  • MCITP - SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Developer 2008.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

  • MCTS - SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance.
  • MCTS - SQL Server 2008, Database Development.


 Event  Topic
SharePoint Cincinnati Conference (2014)
  • Liberate Your Data: Access Services 2013 and Reporting Services
TriState SharePoint Users Group (2013)
  • BI 101 using SharePoint 2013
SPTechCon (2013/Boston)
  • BI 101 using SharePoint 2013
  • Combining your BI collateral using PerformancePoint
SharePoint Cincinnati Conference (2013)
  • Combining your BI collateral using PerformancePoint
SharePoint Cincinnati Conference (2012)
  • BI on a budget in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint Cincinnati Conference (2011)
  • Reporting services 101
Cincinnati SharePoint Users Group (2011)
  • SharePoint 2010 and Business Intelligence

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