Reporting Services (SSRS) Tutorial Video….AND ONLINE CLASS!

If you’re looking to ramp up on Reporting Services, I recently made a tutorial video that you might find interesting.  While the video Focuses on building reports with SQL Server Data Tools (Visual Studio), I’m also teaching a monthly 4 hour online “Reporting Services 101” class! The class focuses more on Report Builder and SharePoint:  In that class we take it step by step….starting at step one to give you a good foundation, and by the end we’re cranking out some pretty robust reports.  

You can check out the details for the class here:

You can check out the short tutorial video of building a report using SQL Server Data Tools (Visual Studio) below. 

Reporting Services using SSDT

2 thoughts on “Reporting Services (SSRS) Tutorial Video….AND ONLINE CLASS!

  1. Hi,

    I have one more question.

    can I show report header above the report parameters in report view using SSRS?

    I have searched on google but didn’t find any solution.

    can you please suggest about it.

    • I don’t think there’s any way to do that. At least not out of the box. If it is possible, my guess is that you would need to do some custom coding on the RSViewerPage.aspx page. I’ve seen some cool branding stuff done that way. You can also control some aspects of the report viewer using URL parameters ( But to have the actual report header show above the report parameters, I’ve never seen that.

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